Living Legacies Family Histories Sampler

The sampler includes brief excerpts from some of the hundreds of  interviews Ellie Kahn has conducted over the past 35 years.  Each interview was commissioned by the individual’s family, in order to save their precious stories and memories for future generations.

Sturman Family History Excerpts

Gladys Sturman had already recorded her own oral history with Ellie and she wanted to also save the stories about her deceased husband, Herman’s family background. So Ellie interviewed Gladys with her brothers-in-law, Leon and Marty Sturman. This video shows some excerpts from their very lively and fascinating conversations.

Grammy 80th Birthday, 1998, Narrated by Ben Evans

Marcia Goodfriend turned 80 on August 30. 1998. This video shows excerpts from her life story, incorporating her family’s incredible home movies from 1920, with a narration by her then 7 year old grandson (now 30 years old). All music is public domain, except for “If you Believe” courtesy of Jim Brickman. (Permission documents available upon request.).

Varda Yoran, Inspiration

In 2017 Ellie Kahn began a written oral history project with Brooklyn resident and sculptor, Varda Yoran. The completed book contains Varda’s memories and stories of her life and family, and her career as a sculptor.

In 2018, Ellie videotaped Varda as she showed and described each sculpture. This finished video is a celebration of her artwork, and the inspirations for each of her moving and unique sculptures.

A Celebration of Marcia Berman

When Marcia Berman, a beloved composer and singer of children’s music, was being honored, Ellie was asked to produce a tribute to her.  The entire video is shown here.

Lawyers of the Valley

When the San Fernando Valley Bar Association was celebrating their 75th Anniversary, they hired Ellie to produce this video, shown at their gala event.

Living Legacies Productions~ Marcia Cohn Spiegel Oral History Excerpt

Marcia Cohn Spiegel’s children hired Ellie Kahn to record their mother’s family and personal history. This video sample is of Marcia recalling the story of how her grandparents almost missed being together.




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