The process

the process, in the words of one of our clients:

"I called Living Legacies and Ellie Kahn came to my home to show me samples of both the books and videos she produces. She answered all of my questions and we determined together the kind of family history I could have done within my budget.

On the day of the interviews I was pretty nervous, but Ellie's warmth and calm manner immediately put me at ease. The questions she asked guided me through every generation-my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents and my own life. There were so many things I hadn't thought about in years, and details about my life came back to me because of the types of questions she asked. When I cried about my mother's death, Ellie was so understanding and kind, it actually felt good to get it out.

When we were finished with all the interviews, it took about 3 months for the interviews to be edited into a manuscript. It was in my own words, but edited just enough so that it read smoothly and was chronological. I had a chance to check it over, and make additions of things I hadn't thought of in the interview. Then I chose the photographs that would be copied for the book.

When the books arrived I was amazed at how gorgeous they looked. I ordered a copy for each of my grandchildren and presented them at my 70th birthday party. Everyone was so surprised and they were just thrilled to have this record of our family's history.

The whole process was a pleasure and Ellie couldn't have been more wonderful to work with."

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