Every project begins with a professional, in-depth interview which is either voice or video recorded, in person or by Zoom. The entire, unedited interview is provided to our clients on a flash drive or sent as a movie or audio file via email. The interviews can then be edited into a video of any length, or a written soft or hard cover book. Both the video and book include photos that illustrate the people described and the stories told. Every project is custom designed to fit each client’s budget and goals. Everyone has a story–and no matter their age, health, circumstances or life experiences, having a chance to tell their stories is a rare opportunity.


“We wanted my grandparents videotaped while they were still able to recall the details of their lives. It’s not that their lives were dramatic or “special” – but their experiences and memories about themselves and their own parents are something we want to pass down from generation to generation. Ellie and a videographer came to their home and the interview was videotaped. It’s truly wonderful, because it shows how they interacted with each other–even how my grandmother looked embarrassed when my grandfather told his same old jokes. This is a real family treasure.”


“My wife surprised me by having Ellie interview my parents and she then created a magnificent book from the interviews. Everything they said was included, organized and edited (but still in their voices). She also incorporated family photos and documents. This is not just names and dates; it’s very detailed stories about their lives, experiences, how they got through the Depression, how they met, what inspired them and the lessons they wanted to pass on to future generations. It’s the most precious legacy we could inherit.”


Favorite or most meaningful personal or family stories, illustrated by professional cartoonist, Ben Evans.  A priceless and unique gift for grandchildren, friends or colleagues…  to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, retirement, graduations… and beyond.  For more information, contact Ben at americaiju@gmail.com

“We cannot begin to tell you what a joy it was to receive the illustration of one of my father’s most iconic wartime stories. Ben Evans’ emotive drawing brought tears to our eyes and a feeling of deepest gratitude to our hearts. The grandchildren were thrilled to see the drawing.”

“The illustration of my brother-in-law’s visit to Ellis Island is marvelous. The man looks just like my father-in-law! It’s a great drawing and one the whole family will treasure.”

These biographical comics were created as a collaboration with Ben K Evans. He is available for custom work for biographical and other comics and illustrations. Additional samples of his artwork can be seen at: https://benkevans.artstation.com/albums/1427275


“For my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary we wanted a short video to show at the dinner. Ellie interviewed my parents about their life together, and also interviewed my sister and me and some of Mom and Dad’s close friends. She produced a touching and funny video that was the highlight of the party. Everyone involved enjoyed being interviewed and had a chance to celebrate my parents in this way. And my parents were so touched.”


“We thought my father really needed a chance to talk about his life and to realize  how much we valued his memories and stories–enough to have them recorded.  He was shy at first, and didn’t think he had very much to say.  But five hours later, he was astonished at how Ellie was able to guide him in recalling things he hadn’t thought about in decades. He truly felt heard and acknowledged.  Now that he’s gone, we are so glad we didn’t put this off. ” 

“My sister was only 53 when we knew that she was facing the end of her life. She wanted to leave her stories to her children and grandchildren and Ellie not only helped her reminisce about her life, but she also gave her a chance to talk about what she was facing.  Looking back over her life was fun for her, and it was also a truly healing process. This was not “therapy” but I’m sure the fact that Ellie is also a licensed psychotherapist helped my sister feel all the more at ease.”




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