Just a brief note to tell you how impressed Rachel, I and our three daughters were at the sensitive and astute way you elicited our somewhat complex family history. As a longtime journalist, I thought I knew something about interviewing people, but you got me beat.

Tom Tugend
As you know, my mom died last year. At the funeral, the Rabbi spoke with such warmth and understanding, with such pathos and humor, that many came up to me and asked if she had known my mom all of her life. The answer was no, but she had the opportunity to know Mom because of the oral history that my mother spoke to you.My mom loved doing the interviews. How much she enjoyed having you stimulate old memories and her thoughts about so many things. She really thought it was a wonderful gift from us and we knew it was her wonderful gift to us.
Peter Schwartz

We kept meaning to save my grandparents’s stories and sadly, never got around to it.  Thank goodness we found you in time to interview my parents, while their memories were still fresh.

– Arnie S.

Arnie S.

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