- Arnie S. -

We kept meaning to save my grandparents’s stories and sadly, never got around to it.  Thank goodness we found you in time to interview my parents, while their memories were still fresh.

- Steven Koffler -

I really didn´t think anybody could create a history of my 90 year-old father and do his life justice, but you did, and far exceeded anything I expected.

- Peter Schwartz -

As you know, my mom died last year. At the funeral, the Rabbi spoke with such warmth and understanding, with such pathos and humor, that many came up to me and asked if she had known my mom all of her life. The answer was no, but she had the opportunity to know Mom because of the oral history that my mother spoke to you.

My mom loved doing the interviews. How much she enjoyed having you stimulate old memories and her thoughts about so many things. She really thought it was a wonderful gift from us and we knew it was her wonderful gift to us.

- Tom Tugend -

Just a brief note to tell you how impressed Rachel, I and our three daughters were at the sensitive and astute way you elicited our somewhat complex family history. As a longtime journalist, I thought I knew something about interviewing people, but you got me beat.

- Joanne M. -

It’s scary to be facing this illness. But your skills, warmth and compassion during our interview helped me to review my life and face what’s ahead. It really help me find meaning as I looked back, which was both a relief and fun!

- Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times Television Critic -

[Meet at Brooklyn & Soto] It’s a delight nothing elegant or fancy, but something that lifts talking heads to high art while preserving some of the aromas of urban history.

- Joey Z. -

The book of my grandparents’ stories was the most incredible gift I could ever have imagined. I really hadn’t spent much time talking with them about their lives, which is sad. So this has given me a real sense of my roots and ancestors..

- Ira Schreck, former V.P. of Development, American Jewish University -

Your ability to listen and produce a product that satisfies the needs of the client is comforting, your videos were produced in a manner consistent with the needs of fundraising and served as the centerpiece of dinners that had in excess of eight hundred people in attendance..

- Marcia Gottesman -

Who knew it would be this satisfying to sit and talk about my life? I really didn’t think I’d have anything to say, but three hours later, I wasn’t even done. It really feels good to have made sure my family history will live on.

- Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, Kehillath Israel -

The entire congregation was thrilled with your project for our 40th anniversary. Discovering you was the most wonderful good fortune yet!

- Zol Cavitch. -

Jackie and I are delighted with the family book you made from our interviews. It looks absolutely like something that might have been authored by Hemingway and published by MacMillan !!

- Bonnie Roth -

Because of your way of preserving family history in such a warm and caring way, the recent loss of my father has been lessened. When I watch the video or read the book you created, I laugh and cry and feel close to him.





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